While the Dwarves have fallen from their high post, there remain pockets of dwarvish civilization scattered, rebuilding. The Hounds of Grey seek to sell their abilities, using their payment to rebuild the city of Stonewall. The Iron Horde keeps the secret of swords and their craft, for far less altruistic.

As Mankind rises, so do the machinations of politics within their culture. While many tribes are self governed, the Four Red Warlords have risen to claim control of various regions throughout the northland, and believe they rule the tribes who call their realm home. The independence of these tribes is kept by the Council of Tribal Elders. The unity of tribes in times of conflict come from the meeting of these wise men, believing in the freedom of their people.

The Elven lands are ruled by the Nican empire under the Spirit-King Manchaman, son of the moon. This empire encompasses another culture, that of the Calculoo. While paying tribute to the Nican ruler, these people are led under the lesser Spirit Tupac who claims relation with Machaman.

At the height of winter, when snow and ice grapple their way south, the Great Market travels south into human lands. This roving band of traders and craftsman, mainly Halflings, sets up at a juncture along the Mighty Dwarven Highyway that is falling into disrepair. Yet this does not stop the multitude of merchants from descending upon the bazaar to share their wealth and goods.


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